Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

The speakeasy trend may be trite and unoriginal at this point, but we can't help but love hearing about new spots popping up in the most random of places- attics, underground cellars, storage closets...

Anyway, a tipster has told Eater NY (formerly DBTH) editor Scott Solish that a new subterranean lounge is set to soft open in approximately two weeks, underneath 149 Mulberry.

"It will be run by the owner of Cafe Palermo, the mildly well known, yet still dime a dozen looking cannoli joint across the street."

Top this off with an entranceway through those I'm-scared- I'm-going-to-fall-in black basement grates and a two-way mirror so that "they" can see you coming, and you've got "My Little Secret," the working name for the lounge.


Last week, GrubStreet at NYMag brought to our attention a new, hidden joint in the Lower East Side that boasts a jukebox, easygoing crowd, and $4 and $5 wine.

Sounds great and all, but GrubStreet decided to keep the place a secret and won't discuss the actual details.

" We had to agree not to reveal the exact location- we can share a few clues to the determined, however: It's below a Dominican restaurant and is farther east than weekend revelers usually go."

Hmm..looks like we may be running into random broom closets and confused-looking kitchen staff at various Domincan restaurants on the LES in search of this hidden haven.

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