Sunday, December 27, 2009

Drink your sorrows away with more eggnog, editors?

Merry Belated Christmas!  This holiday, fashion editors all across the city and country opened up the New York Times Style Section to read about how fashion bloggers have taken over this year and have commanded a supremely large amount  of power when it comes to determining trends, street style and even front row seats at fashion shows in our city, Milan, London and Paris.

The Times gives us a pretty ominous piece this weekend about how fashion bloggers have 'horned in on Elle and Vogue' this year in the world of style and high fashion.  You're getting booted out of the sexy spotlight, editors.

And we have to admit, we personally would rather read Fashionista, look at, and of course admire The Sartorialist and Garance Dore than flip through Glamour or W at work or at home.  After all, we can see something new and fresh on a day-to-day basis, we can post our opinions and we can easily share trends or iconic images that catch our eyes easily with friends and colleagues.

While it's apparent that the world of print media has been altered and blogging has irrevocably changed the entire landscape, it is a shift that should not have taken the world by surprise this year- after all, many prominent fashion bloggers have been steadily and constantly researching and writing for the past two to three years, but  due to our lovely economy, fall of advertising budgets at various fashion housesand thinner magazines, cuts in editorial departments have ensued and fashion bloggers have risen in stature and influence.

As a sidenote, Gawker's Foster Kramer points out that this entire trend of writing ABOUT fashion bloggers and their rising influence has gotten "a tad bit stale." Because ultimately, he relays, "a majority of fashion writing is predicated on selling the products they're writing about, supported by advertisers selling the same products. Bloggers help get the word out about these products, thereby, more publicity for advertisers, with less hassle, because they're not dealing with major publication divas. So really, fashion bloggers are here to stay, whether anybody likes it or not. "

Well, we like fashion bloggers and we're happy they are here to stay, but duly noted, Gawker. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December doldrums

This week, Taylor Swift dined at our beloved Otto, we discovered the deliciousness that is Yerba Buena (and U2 drummer Larry Mullen was aware of this apparently), Facebook got a whole lot creepier but CEO Mark Zuckerberg didn't take his own advice.

We also almost died laughing reading NYMag's Gossip Girl recap, almost cried reading about the sadness that is the state of print media, especially our love, the NYTimes, officially approve the weekly BlackBook Mag "All the Week's Parties" article and visibly cringed at the new Sex and the City poster.

Stay tuned for more, and until then... "Carrie on" (yes, feel free to kill us now.)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

Happy Turkey Day!

So on this blessed day, it seems like it would be appropriate to make a trite list of 'things we are thankful for' this year.  (Although, we secretly love making lists so we've been looking forward to this for a while.)

Things We Are Thankful For:

- Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob the Werewolf from Twilight.  Ya know.  For his acting.  Duh.

- watching the First Lady look absolutely beautiful in a champagne-hued, silk chiffon Naeem Khan creation at the First State Dinner for the P.M. of India.

- Pumpkin Pie French Toast.  Yes, it really is as good as it sounds (and looks!)

- Watching backstage snippets from the 2009 Victoria's Secret Show (set to air 12/1), hearing about the girls' eating habits and exercise regiments (leafy vegetables and 2-4 hour daily workouts), and reaching for another piece of french toast.

- The Chrystie at the Eldridge.  Oh, and the ginger mint lemonade at GoldBar.

- Blog eye-candy: Fujifiles.  We are in love, love, love with this blog.

- Our readers, aka you!

Thanks for being so patient while we've been pulling disappearing acts, thanks for reading and commenting, and thanks for supporting us.

We'll be back tomorrow!  Go eat some pie!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you keep a secret?

The speakeasy trend may be trite and unoriginal at this point, but we can't help but love hearing about new spots popping up in the most random of places- attics, underground cellars, storage closets...

Anyway, a tipster has told Eater NY (formerly DBTH) editor Scott Solish that a new subterranean lounge is set to soft open in approximately two weeks, underneath 149 Mulberry.

"It will be run by the owner of Cafe Palermo, the mildly well known, yet still dime a dozen looking cannoli joint across the street."

Top this off with an entranceway through those I'm-scared- I'm-going-to-fall-in black basement grates and a two-way mirror so that "they" can see you coming, and you've got "My Little Secret," the working name for the lounge.


Last week, GrubStreet at NYMag brought to our attention a new, hidden joint in the Lower East Side that boasts a jukebox, easygoing crowd, and $4 and $5 wine.

Sounds great and all, but GrubStreet decided to keep the place a secret and won't discuss the actual details.

" We had to agree not to reveal the exact location- we can share a few clues to the determined, however: It's below a Dominican restaurant and is farther east than weekend revelers usually go."

Hmm..looks like we may be running into random broom closets and confused-looking kitchen staff at various Domincan restaurants on the LES in search of this hidden haven.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the wall......

Does NYC really think it's the fairest of them all?

Apparently so, as the Big Apple has been named the vainest city in the U.S. by

TotalBeauty says that NYC outspends every other city in nearly every 'beauty' category- more than $21 million on hair coloring, $32.5 million on skin care and $5.5 million on makeup.

This shouldn't come as a shock, really. We New Yorkers like to think about ourselves. A lot. And we definitely love to take care of ourselves. You know you've seen men preening themselves in front of the reflective subway doors and women staring at themselves on every shop window. And this is just during the daytime- let's not even get started when the sun goes down and the ladies (and some guys) get dolled up and decked out. The number of salons, spas and beauty boutiques in this city also beats the number in every other city as well, says Total Beauty. We believe it. Even the so-called 'non-chic' Financial District is swarming with nail, hair and eyebrow threading/waxing places boasting $22 combos and deals.

Normally, being vain isn't exactly a compliment- but we're going to let it slide this time, because hey, we have a lot of eye candy strutting the streets of this city, and if you've got it...flaunt it, right?

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our current 'State of Mind'

Everyone seems to be talking about the exact same things these days:

1. Kanye West/Taylor Swift at the VMAs
2. Patrick Swayze's demise
4. That creepy Yale grad student murder where her body was found stuffed in a wall
5. The US Open: Serena going berzerk and Federer's unrealistically amazing shot

So- since you are probably overloaded with images and stories of those subjects, we at NYCtidbits will not be covering any of those topics. We're not ignoring them or anything, but we feel that you can find great sources for any of those subjects, and we are not going to try to wow you with our detective skills in uncovering the Yale murder case or try to dazzle you with our tennis prowess.

Instead, we are simply going to leave you with a few tidbits we are currently loving:

1. Jay Z and Alicia Key's Empire State of Mind- what a great homage to our city..
2. The Standard Hotel's new Boom Boom Room, already touted as this generation's Studio 54
3. DBGB, Daniel Boulud's trendy new restaurant down on Houston and Bowery
4. Hearing about risque, topless parties hosted by a Goldman Sachs partner at the Hamptons. Giggity giggity.
5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book, Influence- surprisingly insightful interviews from industry greats like Missoni, DVF, Lauren Hutton and John Galliano.

Aside from #4, we are all for indulging in each of the above- as questionable as they
may seem (You must be thinking, "A place called Boom Boom Room?? The Olsens' book?")

Just trust us, though.

Now, if you could excuse us- We'll be back in a New York minute.

Sincere Apologies

We have been gone for far too long.

We don't blame you if you took us off your blogroll....or deleted us from your Favorites.

We are going to work to get your loyalty back, and by the end of the week, we hope you add us back to your list of "Sites to go to when bored out of my mind at work/school/home".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Napster is really annoyed right now..

At the Apple event earlier today, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod Nano that would have video capabilities, as well as a faster iPod Touch.

But the most exciting news we learned was that iTunes 9.0, which is now available to all of us, allows "home sharing"- you will be able to see the MP3 libraries of other people on your network and copy their songs to your hard drive.

This is our advice- Go to the coolest and most crowded coffee shop you know about, plug your laptop in, let iTunes 9.0 pop up, and wait for the magic to happen, courtesy of all the other iTuners around you. You will probably end up with the latest Jay-Z single, some music from Anjulie, and maybe some new Bollywood hits too. And who knows, you may even be surprised by what you find- a hipster with some Miley Cyrus songs, the rap-artist look-alike with Taylor Swift, or a professor-type with every Santigold song out there. Don't discriminate- just grab all the jams you can.

New Shake Shack in Nolita

We apologize for going MIA yesterday. Never again, we promise. To make it up to you, we're going to go on a posting spree-- and we start with some pretty fantastic news:

As we told you last week, Shake Shack will be expanding to three new outposts through New York City. And now, we are told that it's newest location will be...

on 47 Prince Street, on the corner of Mulberry and Prince. We really love that whole area because it has everything we could want- Epistrophy for some good caprese and wine, McNalley's to escape into literature, Rice to Riches for some 5000 calorie rice-pudding heaven, and of course, Charlotte Ronson for a shopping fix.

But now that Shake Shack is here, we know we're going to be in Nolita heaven. This reminds us of that Vanessa Carlton song, Nolita Fairytale. Blissful.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Straight to the point, but classically unique as well. REDWHITEBLUE, Frida J. Happy Labor Day.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

We have no words

Once again, the lovely analysts over in the finance hemisphere- this time, at JP Morgan, are clearly using their Friday-before-Labor-Day productivity to good use, with a:

McNugget Challenge!

Two Analysts. 70 nuggets each. 60 minutes to devour them. Winner becomes master of the universe, or something 'awesome' and 'badass' like that. Or something.

Whatever- it's Friday afternoon, and gorgeous outside. We will be celeb hunting in Soho, so if you are still at work and need a bit of entertainment, check out our heroes' progress at Dealbreaker.

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Shake Shack here, Shake Shack there

Yummy Burger-and-chocolate shake-haven Shake Shack somehow always seems to have a line longer than the H&M dressing rooms, the DMV, and the TKTS booths combined. (We swear it's true!)

Of course, we completely understand why. This little gem in Madison Square Park churns out the some of the best mouth-watering delights, so it's no wonder that it's constantly packed.

But that's about to change- Shake Shack will be expanding to three more New York locations, then to new spots around the nation, and eventually, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Seven new outposts will be opened in the Middle East, according to Eater. No definite timeline has been given, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for some "ASAP" action.

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Our kind of Fashion Show

By next week, New York is going to be overrun by gazelle-limbed creatures, champagne and couture. NY Fashion Week will be well on its way (white tents are already going up in Bryant Park!), and we will certainly be sweetened by all the eye candy around.

But among all the sophisticated, elegant shows to watch, we have a new entry that will be strutting down the runway...theSnuggie!

The blanket with sleeves will be hosting a runway show of its own during Fashion Week, and according to NYMag and the invite:

"Celebrity host Ross "The Intern" Mathews will dish about the sexiest looks in blanket-wear and adult, kid and even canine models will hit the runway."

Now who said laziness can't be hot?

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Archie, Betty and Veronica in NYC

We used to love Archie Comics, until a few months ago. We've grown up with the intangible question- Betty or Veronica? And we liked it that way. But earlier in the summer, Archie Comics decided that Archie, after more 70 years of indecision, should choose and get married to one.
So then, our idealistic hearts fluttered and we hoped he would choose lovely, sweet Betty, and not snobby vamp Veronica. But guess who he chose? That's right. Archie tied the knot with Veronica Lodge. And Betty ends up with Jughead.

We were so upset that we decided to boycott reading Archies (slash we also felt we were a bit old to be perusing through comics..). That is, until we found out that newlyweds Archie and Veronica, and third wheel Betty (awkward..) are visiting New York City in the latest issue of 'Archie and Friends'. Archie's band "The Archies" have lined up a gig in Central Park, so the storyline centers itself around the gang's adventures in the Plaza Hotel, shopping at Central Park West, and "world famous" Tavern on the Green (why??). Archie and his friends even meet famous New York celebs like David "Betterman" and Donald "Stump".

Part exciting, part cute, part bizarre, don't you think?

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mi casa es....?

We have some good news for you speakeasy aficionados:

DBTH reports that the West Village has just acquired a new speakeasy, with a Mexican flair.

With Mexican themed cocktails, tapas and a new line of mixologists, Su Casa (404 6th Ave) is the brainchild of three NYC nightlife veterans. According to DBTH's little birdy, "the place will have a rustic old-world Mexican feel...think Upstairs, designed by Frida Kahlo." We imagine it may look like a combination of La Esquina downstairs and Upstairs, so this is very exciting. With two pretty good Yelp reviews under its belt, Su Casa may become our casa pretty soon. Word from the wise, though- Be sure to go soon before everyone finds out about it!

Following Frank's frankness

Former NYTimes food critic Frank Bruni is everywhere nowadays, since he doesn't have to mask his identity anymore in order to remain 'anonymous' when going to restaurants and reviewing them. Since his departure from the Times, Bruni has been giving surprisingly frank (pardon the pun, heh) interviews, explaining his complicated relationship with food, the best and worst things about being a food critic, and now, tips on how to order the best things on a restaurant menu.

Frank has made an audio appearance on GQ's blog and has a set of rules for ordering:

"Look at the list of appetizers and entrees....cross out the appetizers and entrees you've seen at every other restaurant- that's the chef and restauranteur playing to the lowest common denominator. Then find the weirdest dish, and cross off each of those because that's the chef indulging his or her own worst vanity. And look at the dishes left and order from those."

Grub Street has applied Bruni's advice to three newcomers-Hotel Griffou, Graydon Carter's MonkeyBar, and DBGB, and has a list of what to eat.

We are going to try the 'Frank Bruni' ordering method this week- we will let you know how it works out.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mark your calendars: NY's Fashion's Night Out

Hello September! Fall weather, Labor Day weekend, and NY Fashion Week are just a few things we are looking forward to.

But we are truly anxious and excited about the eve of September 10- New York City's Fashion's Night Out. Sponsored primarily by Vogue, this is a global event to celebrate fashion and encourage shopping- China, the UK, Spain, India and Greece are just a few of the countries participating.
Basically, shoppers, this night is for you: all the events are free, and NYC is going to be in a tizzy. Over 700 designers are opening up their flagships and stores from 6 pm to 11 pm that night, and you can head over there to be a part of the celebrations- neither tickets nor invitations are necessary. There's going to be great giveaways, surprise performances, complimentary cocktails and major star and model sightings.

Here's why you should be a part of all the FNO fun:

You could get serenaded by Oscar de la Renta at his boutique (66th and Madison)

Get your Sept. issue of Vogue signed by Charlize Theron at Dior (57th and Madison)

Bergdorf Goodman has appearances by Cynthia Rowley, Issac Mizrahi, The Olsen Twins, and more (58th and 5th ave)

Meet Manolo Blahnik at his store (54th and 6th ave)

Meet Serena Williams at NIKEtown ( 57th and 5th ave)

Meet Blake Lively (Serena from GG!) at Ralph Lauren's Bleecker St store

For all the information about FNO, go to:, and follow them on Twitter for latest updates!

We aren't completely sure how this is actually going to entice customers to shop, but all we know is that we're going to be painting the town red that night!

Check out the awesome PSA here

Monday, August 31, 2009

NYC, take a cue from SF on this one

Most of us don't have cars in this city. Frankly, just the thought of it may stress you out, as it does us. Finding parking is probably the number one issue, and everyone who pours into the city from Jersey and Long Island on the weekends ends up paying an arm and a leg in various parking garages around Manhattan.

Well, San Francisco definitely falls right behind or next to NYC in the parking issue- strict parking regulations make it just as impossible to find decent parking. Fortunately for our West Coast comrades, there's a new website called GottaPark, that is trying to solve this modern day vehicle dilemma. 

You log in, put your location in, dates, and the amount of time you want to park. GottaPark pulls up likely spots around your location. Then you pick the spot you want online, reserve it and print out the confirmation. The coolest part about this is that many of these parking spaces are owned by San Francisco residents; they rent out parking spots and get paid through PayPal! How sweet is that?! 

We're not sure if this could be applicable to Manhattan residents but the other boroughs could definitely take a cue from SanFran on this one..

We are all merely toys

Who didn't love legos as a kid?
We remember many an afternoon creating towers, skyscrapers and other tall contraptions with the multi-colored blocks. (Perhaps we subconsciously knew we were meant to be in the Big Apple one day?)

The DailyBeast Media Gallery features British photographer Mike Stimpson, who has spent most of his career recreating images from some of the world's most famous and iconic photographs with his favorite childhood toy.

A couple of our favorites were his 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper', an iconic representation of the Great Depression, as well as 'VJ Day Times Square', an image that we have all seen on teenagers' walls since the 1940's.
So cute, right? We thought these were great, but a couple of the images like Tiananmen Square and Viet Cong were a little distasteful. We're all for creativity and breaking boundaries, but recreating those horrific images was a bit too much in our opinion , even in LegoLand.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time to keep it real

The above photo from Glamour's September issue has caused quite a stir. As we can see, 'plus-size' model Lizzie Miller has a glorious smile on her face, and not much clothing going on. The discussion, though, is centered around the tiny amount of 'flab' on her stomach that would usually be airbrushed and completely non-existent.

Both the NYPost and thesartorialist have raised room for discussion re: the above photograph, and we wanted to get in on it also. How do you feel about this photo? Do you think it's a small step for the fashion industry? Do you think that since she's not on the cover, it still doesn't mean much? How do you think this will play into trends in the future? Do you want to see more women like this, or do you like the fantasy world of Amazon-like women that the industry supports? We have seen the words "real woman" thrown around on other discussion do you feel about that? Isn't everyone a real woman, regardless of size/shape/color? Could we ask any more questions??

Tell us what you think!

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glitterati chowing down around NYC

This week, we had celebs wining and dining all around the city as usual, and we bring you their whereabouts, courtesy of NYMag.

For the week of August 23, 2009

Ballato: Rihanna ate with L.A. Reid before heading to Greenhouse.

Cafe Gitane: Michelle Williams ate outside with friends.

The City Bakery: Uma Thurman let her kids sample the macaroni and cheese while they waited in line.

Dojo: Debra Messing dined at the NYU hangout.

Dos Caminos: Drew Barrymore ate enchiladas.

Gemma: Cameron Diaz and some female friends sipped white wine.

Jean Georges: Muhammed Ali allegedly read a fan's mind over dinner.

Pastis: Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen dined outside before heading to the Gansevoort Hotel.

Saint Ambroeus: Whitney Port giggled while eating outside.

The Smith: Chelsea Clinton ate an egg-white omlette with her boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky.

The Standard Grill: Hugh Grant wooed his date.

We, personally, would have loved to share a some wine with Cameron, have our mind read by Mr. Ali, or have Hugh whisper sweet nothings in our ear all night! What about you?

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Friday, August 28, 2009

The hotspots to hit up

Hooray! The weekend is almost upon us. It looks like it may be a rainy one, but there's no reason not to live it up tonight, tomorrow and/or Sunday for that matter-

Thanks to BBMag, we have compiled a list of the best places to grab a drink or see and be seen throughout the weekend. Here's a list of parties to go to over the next three days- and well into the week, if you're feeling like a boozy socialite:

The Standard Beer Garden and The Standard Grill (Meatpacking): It's well on its way to becoming one of the 'standard' spots for anyone in the fashion and art crowd. Great for a leisurely cocktail at the beginning of the night.

BB tells us to check out Von in Noho. "It isn't the upstairs bar we're after, but what's hidden below it. Try to find it while it's still mythical," they tell us. We haven't been yet, but we will certainly let you know once make a visit!

Post drunk-brunching, keep your buzz going and go downtown to Greenhouse (Soho/Tribeca) or Goldbar (Nolita), where DJs spin good dance music all night.

Rest of the week:

Le Souk (East Village) has just made a comeback, but we know its Monday night parties will be back in full swing, with three levels of different music and a truly eclectic crowd.

Good old Rose Bar (Gramercy Park) is still hot on Tuesday nights, and the new Avenue (Chelsea), with Todd and Angelo at the door (and Wass from Marquee!), is becoming a combination of Beatrice/Socialista.

1Oak (Chelsea) had Rihanna visit last Wednesday, and its mega-club feel hasn't swayed patrons- the crowd remains (for the most part) hot and so is the fact that surprise performers drop by more than occasionally.

Touted as the savior of nightlife, The Jane Ballroom (West Village) has taken the trend-seeking world by storm. Any night is a good night to visit Jane, but Thursdays are special (one day away from Friday) so we feel it's appropriate.

Dress in your trendiest (grab some tips from Lookbook!), try not to spend 10 grand like this guy, and have a fabulous weekend. Tell us where you went!

P.S. We have just received word from NYMag that The Griffin in the Meatpacking is now closing, after its short-lived run of 3 months. R.I.P. Griffin.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Venezuela pageant boot camp

Congratulations to Miss Venezuela ,Stefania Fernandez, for winning the Miss. Universe title last week!

This happens to be the second year the Venezuela has won the pageant, as Dayana Mendoza was crowned Miss Universe in 2008.

So it would be appropriate to assume that maybe South America is birthing beautiful babies who turn into pageant queens? According to BlackBook Mag and other various sources, Venezuela is quite obsessed with beating the pageant system- at all costs, "because winning pageants for Venezuela is like winning gold medals for China" (BBMag). The beauties are forced to go through a rigorous boot camp before getting to the stage. Some torturous activities include:

* Thousands of girls enter the Miss Venezuela competition and those who are chosen go to Osmel Sousa's "Miss Venezuela Academy", a beauty school in the mountains. The contestants are coached in fitness, speech, makeup, and modeling.
* The students' teachers are supposed to 'make them perfect'. Contestants go, go, go from eight in the morning to ten at night and the ones who are headed for international competitions have to stay for one year. One contestant said, "its exactly like a military school"
* Contestants are told to lose 20 pounds. They eat tuna, pineapple and green leaves, and must run, lift weights, hike, swim and do yoga every day. Weigh-ins are at the end of every week.
* Because plastic surgery is relatively cheap in this country, many contestants get nose jobs, liposuction and breast implant. The beauty school employs dental docs who have been known to cut girls' gums so that their teeth look bigger.

Ouch. That all sounds excruciatingly painful...and frankly, just way too much work. Even reading about those girls' fitness regiment makes us exhausted. Now if you could excuse us, we are going to grab a donut and then take a siesta. Adios!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

N.E.R.D. is adding a 'she'

NYMag tells us that N.E.R.D., the Pharell-run rock/funk/hip-hop group, is planning to add a female R&B singer to their group. If this really takes, we are definitely going to see similarities with the Black Eyed Peas; before Fergie was around, the group didn't have any strength on the Billboard charts. But since then, they have definitely become annoying radio staples who spell way too much in their songs.

N.E.R.D., for all of our sakes, please don't let your new girl spell out every word she comes across. Otherwise it will just be plain A-N-N-O-Y-I-N-G for us all.  

Spell-check doesnt exist at Brazil's Vogue

In the upcoming documentary of Vogue's Anna Wintour, The September Issue, Anna hilariously chastises an editor for the size of the font on a draft of the cover of the magazine. 

"This type seems so large and looks like it's for blind people," she quips. 

But what would the ice-queen say to this?: 

The August issue of Vogue Brazil hit newstands and allowed for this ridiculously obvious mistake: Guy Bourdin's name is misspelled as "Bourdain"- on the cover, too! 

If large font causes such alarm at American Vogue, we wonder what would happen if anything like this were to ever occur up on the 12th floor of 4 Times Square.. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A slice of Silicon Valley

Google is world-renowned for its office facilities and luxuries; ping-pong tables, squash tables, video game consoles strewn around, and the employees who sit on exercise balls and drink free smoothies all day.

Now, we get to take a look at two other Silicon Valley social-networking giants, Twitter and Facebook. Gawker takes us into their offices and although they (Gawker) seem
to think that the spaces aren't as useful for productivity (it's apparently a well-known fact that quiet, private offices are better for workers than a large open space), we thought the offices were pretty freakin' sweet. And whatever, we all have a long week ahead of us...we figure you might want to live vicariously through people who have DJ turntables and hot pink sofas at their workplaces.

Photos pulled from Gawker

Spotted: N dealing with Manhattan Real Estate issues

For two years, Chace Crawford (Nate) from Gossip Girl had been living with Ed Westwick (Chuck) in an apartment in Chelsea. Imagine the hotness oozing out of that building...

But anyway, Chace is now moving out, and in this month's issue of Interview Magazine, he discusses something that most New Yorkers can sympathize with: moving costs. Although he is now moving into the Financial District (95 Wall to be exact, heh) Chace explains how he got to living with Ed in the first place, and the reason is surprisingly relatable to most of us:

"They give you like a $7000 relocation fee, which goes a long way if you're like my buddy shooting Friday Night Lights in Austin Texas, but in New York you have to deal with a $7,000 broker's fee. It takes more than double that to move and set everything up....So I called up Ed and was like, "Hey man, I'm going to New York tomorrow. Do you want to room with me?" He's like [faking British accent], "Yeah, why not?" So I looked around and sent him a few pics of he place I found, and he said, "Is there any extra room for the guest bedrooms?" I was like "What are you talking about? This is New York. What do you want, a game room? Let's just make space for a Ping-Pong room as well"

Refreshingly down-to-earth, don't you think?

To read the entire interview, click here.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Nightlife News

To begin with, we have another hilarious finance guy- also a hedge funder- who decided to spend 10 grand on drinks in one night of clubbing. At Marquee.

Interested to know who this character is?

Meet Hrish Lotlikar, 33, and a vice president at a venture capital firm. He said "We started at the Yale Club and went on to Marquee." He also said "I do a lot of business in clubs, and this (Marquee) is definitely a hot place, a place you want to see and be seen. It oils the wheels when you're making deals." Ew. Maybe we're just perverts, but that last sentence brought up some gross imagery.

Anyway, so this guy spends 10K at Marquee in one night. We sort of wish we could find him and say "if you're looking to blow 10 g's at a club, we can probably name at least 15 hotspots before even coming close to Marquee." Sigh. Guess he's more concerned with getting his wheels oiled. In case any of you are interested, though, NYMag was kind enough to link his Friendster profile. Happy stalking!

In other news, nightlife queen Amy Sacco will be opening up another outpost of her crowned jewel, Bungalow 8, in Amsterdam. Think NYC's palm-tree potted Bungalow.....but fueled with even more drugs and madness than you thought imaginable. Is that even possible??
Amsterdam's Bungalow should be opening late November.

Also: Pastel-polo, Trinity College-educated haven Bar Martignetti has been closed for the past few months, although its downstairs counterpart, Southside, has been in full swing. Now, the Soho space will be reborn as "Brinkley's" with TVs tuned to rugby and American football, giving it a English-pub feel. We're thinking the crowd may look the same as before, but with cuter accents hopefully?

Worldwide streetstyle on your screen

Well, it's Monday morning.

You're blankly staring at your computer screen, wondering how your weekend flew by so quickly. And if you work at a place that hasn't blocked all the fun stuff, then you're probably Facebook-stalking yourself and looking at all your tagged photos from your weekend.

If you need your day to go by a little quicker, and want to check out new outfit ideas for next weekend, you need to check out our newest addiction:

It's called, and it's basically a 'web destination' where stylish people from all over the world submit photographs of their own oufits to be a part of the self proclaimed "Internet's Largest Source of Fashion Inspiration From Real People All Over the World."

If that last sentence lost you, just know this- Lookbook is more or less like a public Facebook for worldwide trends, mixed with TheSartorialist's dreamy style of photography.

It sounds like a lofty statement to make, but not an empty one, as Lookbook has thousands of gorgeous pictures sortable by brand, country, or clothing category. So if you want to see how H&M scarves are doing in Brazil, you can do so with a few clicks. We really are addicted to this site, because not only can we can see and learn what's in style in almost any part of the world, we can also vote and "hype" looks that we especially admire. What a great way to spend the latter half of a lazy late-summer Monday...

"Ille de la citie" - 21 year old art history student from Paris

Are there any looks that you like in particular?

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

No, that's not just a voice in your head..

Just when we thought advertising couldn't get any more annoying, we ran across this: CBS has successfully learned to embed talking video ads inside print magazines.

As a marketing stunt to promote its fall TV lineup, CBS is inserting thousands of two-inch screens in copies of NYC and LA- distributed Entertainment Weekly mags, which will play about 40 minutes of clips from shows like Two and a Half Men.

We have a few issues with this entire shenanigan.

First of all, when we read magazines, we like to read them in peace. Simply viewing a print ad is completely different from having to listen to/watch an irritating voice screech out to you about its company/brand.

And secondly, we can't even begin to imagine how ludicrously expensive this whole concept must be. To make up for costs, are magazine prices going to rise? Can you imagine if this became the future of magazines- spending $15 for Self or Us Weekly? If so, then this is the quickest way to send print media six feet under.

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This week's celebrity spottings

Since we all love knowing even the most mundane of details about the rich and famous, we will be bringing you celebrity sightings from restaurants and bars around the city every week, courtesy of NYMag.

For the week of August 16, 2009:

Bar Pitti: Beyonce dined with hubby Jay-Z

Jane Ballroom: Hugh Grant bought a birthday tequila shot for an adoring fan. Chace Crawford and Fonzworth Bentley were also on the scene.

Highbar: Mr. Big (Chris Noth) took vodka shots with fans.

LEVANTeast: Adrian Grenier, Josh Hartnett, and Zach Braff dined together.

Minetta Tavern: Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant dined, drank, and flirted (harmlessly, of course) for hours.

Waverly Inn: Lindsay Lohan and friends sat at the table next to where P. Diddy sat.

We love to see interesting mixes of celebs breaking bread together. Let us know if you spot anyone this weekend!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

McKinsey vs. Conde Nast

After realizing that corporate change was an absolute must, Conde Nast hired consultants from superstar firm McKinsey to come in and take care of the mess. As a result, the newest cost-cutting measures are affecting a place we didn't even think of: the kitchen. All the coffee stirrers are reportedly gone.

"They've done away with them" a staffer at the New Yorker tells Page Six. "I guess we now have to shake our coffee to get the milk to mix in."

What's going to be next? Will McKinsey dare to go up to the Vogue offices and speak to she-who shall-not-be-named Wintour?

Based on the NYMag's reports, however, it seems highly unlikely. The McKinsey guys have apparently addressed cost-cutting at other Conde titles (Glamour, New Yorker, Self), especially for the European fashion show circuit coming up. This would mean cheaper hotels, dinners and possibly non-chauffeured vehicles. Vogue, on the other hand, will continue as usual, with Anna's 10-person posse accompanying her to Europe. For a ten day jaunt, this comes out to approximately $250,000, or $25,000 per person.
We're not mathematicians by any means, but we highly doubt that coffee stirrers cost a quarter million. Hmm... so far, it looks like 1 for Vogue, 0 for McKinsey.

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