Monday, August 31, 2009

NYC, take a cue from SF on this one

Most of us don't have cars in this city. Frankly, just the thought of it may stress you out, as it does us. Finding parking is probably the number one issue, and everyone who pours into the city from Jersey and Long Island on the weekends ends up paying an arm and a leg in various parking garages around Manhattan.

Well, San Francisco definitely falls right behind or next to NYC in the parking issue- strict parking regulations make it just as impossible to find decent parking. Fortunately for our West Coast comrades, there's a new website called GottaPark, that is trying to solve this modern day vehicle dilemma. 

You log in, put your location in, dates, and the amount of time you want to park. GottaPark pulls up likely spots around your location. Then you pick the spot you want online, reserve it and print out the confirmation. The coolest part about this is that many of these parking spaces are owned by San Francisco residents; they rent out parking spots and get paid through PayPal! How sweet is that?! 

We're not sure if this could be applicable to Manhattan residents but the other boroughs could definitely take a cue from SanFran on this one..

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