Monday, August 24, 2009

Worldwide streetstyle on your screen

Well, it's Monday morning.

You're blankly staring at your computer screen, wondering how your weekend flew by so quickly. And if you work at a place that hasn't blocked all the fun stuff, then you're probably Facebook-stalking yourself and looking at all your tagged photos from your weekend.

If you need your day to go by a little quicker, and want to check out new outfit ideas for next weekend, you need to check out our newest addiction:

It's called, and it's basically a 'web destination' where stylish people from all over the world submit photographs of their own oufits to be a part of the self proclaimed "Internet's Largest Source of Fashion Inspiration From Real People All Over the World."

If that last sentence lost you, just know this- Lookbook is more or less like a public Facebook for worldwide trends, mixed with TheSartorialist's dreamy style of photography.

It sounds like a lofty statement to make, but not an empty one, as Lookbook has thousands of gorgeous pictures sortable by brand, country, or clothing category. So if you want to see how H&M scarves are doing in Brazil, you can do so with a few clicks. We really are addicted to this site, because not only can we can see and learn what's in style in almost any part of the world, we can also vote and "hype" looks that we especially admire. What a great way to spend the latter half of a lazy late-summer Monday...

"Ille de la citie" - 21 year old art history student from Paris

Are there any looks that you like in particular?

Photo pulled from thedailyobsession and


  1. Bookmarked for gawking :) now to work up the courage to post my own..

  2. Do it! Send us a link, we will hype you up :)