Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Instead, take your friends and family here

After polling a panel of self-proclaimed Manhattanites, BlackBook Mag has come out with a list of alternatives to the traditional tourist-infested places people end up at in this city. Each year, thousands of tourists from Wyoming to Beijing pour into New York City, and it seems as though all of them end up in the same god-awful attractions. It's fine to want to visit a park, have a drink at a renowned bar, or take photos in front of monuments- but this handy agenda lists alternatives to the traditional tourist traps that most end up in!

Downtown Park Experience
Overrated- Union Square
Underrated- Madison Square Park

Luxe Manhattan Boozing Spot
Overrated- Hudson Bar at the Hudson Hotel
Underrated- Jade Bar and Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Romantic Central Park Date
Overrated- Horse-buggy rides
Underrated- Rowboats at the Central Park Lake **
**definitely did not know those even existed!

Although we're all for dispersing tourists throughout the city rather than keeping them clustered, we also can't help but be a little protective of some of these spots. Fanny-packs and visors at Rose Bar? Yikes..

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  1. Oh Rose Bar.

    I sure don't want to see some asian tourists behind me throwing a peace sign and showin' off their pearly whites for a picture!