Monday, August 24, 2009

Nightlife News

To begin with, we have another hilarious finance guy- also a hedge funder- who decided to spend 10 grand on drinks in one night of clubbing. At Marquee.

Interested to know who this character is?

Meet Hrish Lotlikar, 33, and a vice president at a venture capital firm. He said "We started at the Yale Club and went on to Marquee." He also said "I do a lot of business in clubs, and this (Marquee) is definitely a hot place, a place you want to see and be seen. It oils the wheels when you're making deals." Ew. Maybe we're just perverts, but that last sentence brought up some gross imagery.

Anyway, so this guy spends 10K at Marquee in one night. We sort of wish we could find him and say "if you're looking to blow 10 g's at a club, we can probably name at least 15 hotspots before even coming close to Marquee." Sigh. Guess he's more concerned with getting his wheels oiled. In case any of you are interested, though, NYMag was kind enough to link his Friendster profile. Happy stalking!

In other news, nightlife queen Amy Sacco will be opening up another outpost of her crowned jewel, Bungalow 8, in Amsterdam. Think NYC's palm-tree potted Bungalow.....but fueled with even more drugs and madness than you thought imaginable. Is that even possible??
Amsterdam's Bungalow should be opening late November.

Also: Pastel-polo, Trinity College-educated haven Bar Martignetti has been closed for the past few months, although its downstairs counterpart, Southside, has been in full swing. Now, the Soho space will be reborn as "Brinkley's" with TVs tuned to rugby and American football, giving it a English-pub feel. We're thinking the crowd may look the same as before, but with cuter accents hopefully?