Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time to keep it real

The above photo from Glamour's September issue has caused quite a stir. As we can see, 'plus-size' model Lizzie Miller has a glorious smile on her face, and not much clothing going on. The discussion, though, is centered around the tiny amount of 'flab' on her stomach that would usually be airbrushed and completely non-existent.

Both the NYPost and thesartorialist have raised room for discussion re: the above photograph, and we wanted to get in on it also. How do you feel about this photo? Do you think it's a small step for the fashion industry? Do you think that since she's not on the cover, it still doesn't mean much? How do you think this will play into trends in the future? Do you want to see more women like this, or do you like the fantasy world of Amazon-like women that the industry supports? We have seen the words "real woman" thrown around on other discussion do you feel about that? Isn't everyone a real woman, regardless of size/shape/color? Could we ask any more questions??

Tell us what you think!

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  1. My two cents-it's a good first step; I think she's absolutely beautiful, and didn't notice the flab until it was pointed out, TBH. I think that she looks really healthy and sets a great example for what will hopefully turn into something that we can see regularly in fashion magazines.

  2. I think it's definitely a very positive step! I'm surprised and happy that Glamour is taking the initiative to do this - it makes me want to support their magazine in the future.