Saturday, August 22, 2009

This week's celebrity spottings

Since we all love knowing even the most mundane of details about the rich and famous, we will be bringing you celebrity sightings from restaurants and bars around the city every week, courtesy of NYMag.

For the week of August 16, 2009:

Bar Pitti: Beyonce dined with hubby Jay-Z

Jane Ballroom: Hugh Grant bought a birthday tequila shot for an adoring fan. Chace Crawford and Fonzworth Bentley were also on the scene.

Highbar: Mr. Big (Chris Noth) took vodka shots with fans.

LEVANTeast: Adrian Grenier, Josh Hartnett, and Zach Braff dined together.

Minetta Tavern: Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant dined, drank, and flirted (harmlessly, of course) for hours.

Waverly Inn: Lindsay Lohan and friends sat at the table next to where P. Diddy sat.

We love to see interesting mixes of celebs breaking bread together. Let us know if you spot anyone this weekend!

Photo pulled from gawker, guestofaguest

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  1. Matt Dillon at Counter on 1st ave between 6th and 7th street on Friday night with several of his male friends. Very delicious.