Thursday, August 20, 2009

'The September Issue' Premiere at the MOMA

Last night, everyone who was anyone was filing into the Museum of Modern Art to see the long-awaited uncensored look behind Vogue- RJ Cutler's documentary, The September Issue. Finally, the world may be able to see if The Devil who wears Prada* does indeed have horns and a tail. But seriously, everyone was at this event- from Zac Posen and Vera Weng to Diddy and Donald...and many, many more. We're excited to hear more tidbits about the actual film (do any of the Vogue staffers actually eat?!) and will keep you posted.

The movie is being released to the common folk on August 28 in NYC and later dates for other 'lower caste' cities like L.A. etc. Kidding re: caste. Sort of.

*It turns out Anna really WAS wearing Prada last night. (Photo above is the Prada print dress)

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  1. guess I'm no one :(

    boo. hoo.

  2. no worries! don a fabulous summer dress, throw on a pair of sunglasses and sit at a patio cafe in Soho to people-watch; sometimes being inconspicuous is the key ;)