Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cupcakes = the reason for NYC's garbage issues

Apparently, Magnolia Bakery's ridiculous lines at all hours is not the only disturbance at its Bleecker Street location.  It was reported last week that discarded cupcake wrappers, boxes, used forks and napkins were strewn across the park near the store. However, the company's president Bobbie Llyod reassured Fork in The Road that the bakery is well aware of the problem and is trying its best to ensure it doesn't happen. He also insinuated that most of the mess may be caused by tourists who "might not grasp that this is a neighborhood where people live, not Disneyland". 

In more interesting news, Magnolia is preparing to open its newest store in the Grand Central location. Bobbie said it may be the last expansion in New York. Hmm....didn't Walt Disney say the same thing about Disneyland?


  1. i went to magnolia on the upper west side a few weeks ago and crumbs blows it away!

  2. Interesting! I've seen some posts on NYMag with "professional" nyc cupcake ratings etc...I'll try to dig something up for Tidbits. Or maybe will have to do research myself ;)