Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hilarity from the Finance World

Do you ever wonder: what do those finance guys really do all day besides stare at Excel? Well at this very moment, an analyst (late 20's) at an unnamed hedge fund on Park Avenue is gorging himself with junk food for sport, in an attempt to break the record for an earlier gorger/intern over in Citi's London office.
He has 9 hours to eat 40 items, which include Snickers, Butterfinger, Trail's Best Double Salami, Cheez-its, and chedder fries. If our hedge funder succeeds, he would have engorged 9030 calories, 422 grams of fat, and 566 grams of sugar.

sidenote: It should be noted that many of the items on the list have been expired for 1-2 months.

5:46 pm Update: 31 items down, 9 items left to be eaten

8:00 pm Update: 35 items down, 5 to go- Threw in the towel

Ah. Good to know that the guys whose jobs it is to take care of people's money are spending their time so wisely.

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  1. Ugh y'all tryin to get Rondell off her diet or something? I mean damn I was trying to think about a healthy image all day and then you ruined it but putting pitchers of candy in my head. Sksst!

  2. We are definitely not trying to get you off your diet Rondell! But even though all that junk food does look good, keep the number 9000 (number of calories!!) in mind :)

  3. cold stone ice cream is 2500 cal. one of those will keep you nourished for a whole day

  4. Coldstone cake batter ice cream with chopped up Heath Bar and graham cracker crust in a "Love It' size...mmmm....