Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Michael Kors bag > iPhone

Late last night, someone distracted the security guard at the Apple store on Prince St. before robbing the Michael Kors store next door and stealing $13,000 worth of bags and sunglasses.

Although we're all for getting new accessories for the fall season, perhaps stealing from Apple would have been slightly more fruitful?  

Photos pulled from Michael Kors, Apple


  1. I'm seriously trying to paint a picture as to how this happened. The canvas is blank.

  2. In our heads, we see a bandit-type robber sketchily tip-toeing around Prince and Mercer, fooling the Apple security guard with some decoy, and then breaking into the MK store for some new shades and bags...

    Be on the lookout for someone who may be totally decked out in Michael Kors gear!