Friday, August 28, 2009

The hotspots to hit up

Hooray! The weekend is almost upon us. It looks like it may be a rainy one, but there's no reason not to live it up tonight, tomorrow and/or Sunday for that matter-

Thanks to BBMag, we have compiled a list of the best places to grab a drink or see and be seen throughout the weekend. Here's a list of parties to go to over the next three days- and well into the week, if you're feeling like a boozy socialite:

The Standard Beer Garden and The Standard Grill (Meatpacking): It's well on its way to becoming one of the 'standard' spots for anyone in the fashion and art crowd. Great for a leisurely cocktail at the beginning of the night.

BB tells us to check out Von in Noho. "It isn't the upstairs bar we're after, but what's hidden below it. Try to find it while it's still mythical," they tell us. We haven't been yet, but we will certainly let you know once make a visit!

Post drunk-brunching, keep your buzz going and go downtown to Greenhouse (Soho/Tribeca) or Goldbar (Nolita), where DJs spin good dance music all night.

Rest of the week:

Le Souk (East Village) has just made a comeback, but we know its Monday night parties will be back in full swing, with three levels of different music and a truly eclectic crowd.

Good old Rose Bar (Gramercy Park) is still hot on Tuesday nights, and the new Avenue (Chelsea), with Todd and Angelo at the door (and Wass from Marquee!), is becoming a combination of Beatrice/Socialista.

1Oak (Chelsea) had Rihanna visit last Wednesday, and its mega-club feel hasn't swayed patrons- the crowd remains (for the most part) hot and so is the fact that surprise performers drop by more than occasionally.

Touted as the savior of nightlife, The Jane Ballroom (West Village) has taken the trend-seeking world by storm. Any night is a good night to visit Jane, but Thursdays are special (one day away from Friday) so we feel it's appropriate.

Dress in your trendiest (grab some tips from Lookbook!), try not to spend 10 grand like this guy, and have a fabulous weekend. Tell us where you went!

P.S. We have just received word from NYMag that The Griffin in the Meatpacking is now closing, after its short-lived run of 3 months. R.I.P. Griffin.

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  1. I really should be in New York right now. Soaking up all this goodness. :)

  2. You should!! But LA isn't too bad either :)