Thursday, August 20, 2009

'Insert Coins Here' suddenly sounds sketchy...

All around most of Europe, there are these really nifty vending machines where you can get real food (pizza, sandwiches, salads etc)- not just a pack of Cheetos or a Coke. Plenty of American tourists go bonkers over these machines and usually take an unnecessarily high number of photos of them too, to show off to their less-travelled friends.

Now, America has officially beat Europe. The Standard Hotel's L.A. location has partnered with Quiksilver and has just installed the first ever boardshort/bikini vending machine.
That's right folks. The "Oops, I didn't bring my suit" excuse won't work anymore on red velvet cupcake gorging days. Now you can always drop some cash at the machine and pick up a suit- the bikinis come in plain black, but the boardshorts are available in 4 different designs, including polka dots and stars.

As of now, The Standard in NYC does not have a pool, but word on the street is that a pool is in the works for the future. A swimsuit vending machine in the Meatpacking District.....we have no words.

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