Saturday, August 22, 2009

No, that's not just a voice in your head..

Just when we thought advertising couldn't get any more annoying, we ran across this: CBS has successfully learned to embed talking video ads inside print magazines.

As a marketing stunt to promote its fall TV lineup, CBS is inserting thousands of two-inch screens in copies of NYC and LA- distributed Entertainment Weekly mags, which will play about 40 minutes of clips from shows like Two and a Half Men.

We have a few issues with this entire shenanigan.

First of all, when we read magazines, we like to read them in peace. Simply viewing a print ad is completely different from having to listen to/watch an irritating voice screech out to you about its company/brand.

And secondly, we can't even begin to imagine how ludicrously expensive this whole concept must be. To make up for costs, are magazine prices going to rise? Can you imagine if this became the future of magazines- spending $15 for Self or Us Weekly? If so, then this is the quickest way to send print media six feet under.

Photo pulled from CNET


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. I love yours and will be sure to check back. Seems like we have similar intersts - we should add each other to the blog reel.

    And yeah - can't believe that! I too need to read my magazines in peace, and carry them around in my purse. None of this online business.

  2. Definitely! will add you right now to my blogreel :)