Friday, August 21, 2009

McKinsey vs. Conde Nast

After realizing that corporate change was an absolute must, Conde Nast hired consultants from superstar firm McKinsey to come in and take care of the mess. As a result, the newest cost-cutting measures are affecting a place we didn't even think of: the kitchen. All the coffee stirrers are reportedly gone.

"They've done away with them" a staffer at the New Yorker tells Page Six. "I guess we now have to shake our coffee to get the milk to mix in."

What's going to be next? Will McKinsey dare to go up to the Vogue offices and speak to she-who shall-not-be-named Wintour?

Based on the NYMag's reports, however, it seems highly unlikely. The McKinsey guys have apparently addressed cost-cutting at other Conde titles (Glamour, New Yorker, Self), especially for the European fashion show circuit coming up. This would mean cheaper hotels, dinners and possibly non-chauffeured vehicles. Vogue, on the other hand, will continue as usual, with Anna's 10-person posse accompanying her to Europe. For a ten day jaunt, this comes out to approximately $250,000, or $25,000 per person.
We're not mathematicians by any means, but we highly doubt that coffee stirrers cost a quarter million. Hmm... so far, it looks like 1 for Vogue, 0 for McKinsey.

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