Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spotted: N dealing with Manhattan Real Estate issues

For two years, Chace Crawford (Nate) from Gossip Girl had been living with Ed Westwick (Chuck) in an apartment in Chelsea. Imagine the hotness oozing out of that building...

But anyway, Chace is now moving out, and in this month's issue of Interview Magazine, he discusses something that most New Yorkers can sympathize with: moving costs. Although he is now moving into the Financial District (95 Wall to be exact, heh) Chace explains how he got to living with Ed in the first place, and the reason is surprisingly relatable to most of us:

"They give you like a $7000 relocation fee, which goes a long way if you're like my buddy shooting Friday Night Lights in Austin Texas, but in New York you have to deal with a $7,000 broker's fee. It takes more than double that to move and set everything up....So I called up Ed and was like, "Hey man, I'm going to New York tomorrow. Do you want to room with me?" He's like [faking British accent], "Yeah, why not?" So I looked around and sent him a few pics of he place I found, and he said, "Is there any extra room for the guest bedrooms?" I was like "What are you talking about? This is New York. What do you want, a game room? Let's just make space for a Ping-Pong room as well"

Refreshingly down-to-earth, don't you think?

To read the entire interview, click here.

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