Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hollister: where the music deafens and the hotness blinds

In more Abercombie news that definitely relates to yesterday's,  Times Styles Section journalist Mike Albo does a fantastic job describing the
 new Hollister flagship store in Soho, which according to him,  "kind of looks like that scary Deutsche Bank building at ground zero."  

He confirms everything we already know about Hollister/A&F- the store is like a bat cave, with loud, pounding clubby-pop music to drown out your own thoughts. Scarily good-looking models prance around the store, giving you more attention than you ever got from these kinds of guys back in high school. But of course, here they are hired to be nice to you. And the entire place smells like "Jolly Ranchers being breathed on my face by Hayden Panettiere. "

Highlight of the article:  Re: CEO Michael Jeffries-"If Mr. Jeffries was appointed as White House P.R. director, not only would people all support the Obama health care plan, they would proudly carry it around in a bag covered with homoerotic frat-boy imagery."

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