Thursday, September 3, 2009

Archie, Betty and Veronica in NYC

We used to love Archie Comics, until a few months ago. We've grown up with the intangible question- Betty or Veronica? And we liked it that way. But earlier in the summer, Archie Comics decided that Archie, after more 70 years of indecision, should choose and get married to one.
So then, our idealistic hearts fluttered and we hoped he would choose lovely, sweet Betty, and not snobby vamp Veronica. But guess who he chose? That's right. Archie tied the knot with Veronica Lodge. And Betty ends up with Jughead.

We were so upset that we decided to boycott reading Archies (slash we also felt we were a bit old to be perusing through comics..). That is, until we found out that newlyweds Archie and Veronica, and third wheel Betty (awkward..) are visiting New York City in the latest issue of 'Archie and Friends'. Archie's band "The Archies" have lined up a gig in Central Park, so the storyline centers itself around the gang's adventures in the Plaza Hotel, shopping at Central Park West, and "world famous" Tavern on the Green (why??). Archie and his friends even meet famous New York celebs like David "Betterman" and Donald "Stump".

Part exciting, part cute, part bizarre, don't you think?

Photos pulled from archie-blogs


  1. oh i loved veronica she was way sexier.......... when i was 5

  2. What?! I have a billion Archie comics. I was always on the fence between Betty and Veronica, and when Cheryl Blossom stepped into the mix, I was completely lost. I had no clue that Archie actually...chose between them. So very sad... :(