Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Following Frank's frankness

Former NYTimes food critic Frank Bruni is everywhere nowadays, since he doesn't have to mask his identity anymore in order to remain 'anonymous' when going to restaurants and reviewing them. Since his departure from the Times, Bruni has been giving surprisingly frank (pardon the pun, heh) interviews, explaining his complicated relationship with food, the best and worst things about being a food critic, and now, tips on how to order the best things on a restaurant menu.

Frank has made an audio appearance on GQ's blog and has a set of rules for ordering:

"Look at the list of appetizers and entrees....cross out the appetizers and entrees you've seen at every other restaurant- that's the chef and restauranteur playing to the lowest common denominator. Then find the weirdest dish, and cross off each of those because that's the chef indulging his or her own worst vanity. And look at the dishes left and order from those."

Grub Street has applied Bruni's advice to three newcomers-Hotel Griffou, Graydon Carter's MonkeyBar, and DBGB, and has a list of what to eat.

We are going to try the 'Frank Bruni' ordering method this week- we will let you know how it works out.

Photo pulled from huffingtonpost

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