Friday, September 4, 2009

Shake Shack here, Shake Shack there

Yummy Burger-and-chocolate shake-haven Shake Shack somehow always seems to have a line longer than the H&M dressing rooms, the DMV, and the TKTS booths combined. (We swear it's true!)

Of course, we completely understand why. This little gem in Madison Square Park churns out the some of the best mouth-watering delights, so it's no wonder that it's constantly packed.

But that's about to change- Shake Shack will be expanding to three more New York locations, then to new spots around the nation, and eventually, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Seven new outposts will be opened in the Middle East, according to Eater. No definite timeline has been given, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for some "ASAP" action.

photo pulled from curbed

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  1. Burgers and chocolate shakes...mmmm! If they have fries too, I'm in absolute heaven. I actually dip my fries in chocolate shakes. There's something about the sweetness of the ice cream, and the saltiness of the fries that is utterly divine. At least to me. :)