Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our current 'State of Mind'

Everyone seems to be talking about the exact same things these days:

1. Kanye West/Taylor Swift at the VMAs
2. Patrick Swayze's demise
4. That creepy Yale grad student murder where her body was found stuffed in a wall
5. The US Open: Serena going berzerk and Federer's unrealistically amazing shot

So- since you are probably overloaded with images and stories of those subjects, we at NYCtidbits will not be covering any of those topics. We're not ignoring them or anything, but we feel that you can find great sources for any of those subjects, and we are not going to try to wow you with our detective skills in uncovering the Yale murder case or try to dazzle you with our tennis prowess.

Instead, we are simply going to leave you with a few tidbits we are currently loving:

1. Jay Z and Alicia Key's Empire State of Mind- what a great homage to our city..
2. The Standard Hotel's new Boom Boom Room, already touted as this generation's Studio 54
3. DBGB, Daniel Boulud's trendy new restaurant down on Houston and Bowery
4. Hearing about risque, topless parties hosted by a Goldman Sachs partner at the Hamptons. Giggity giggity.
5. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book, Influence- surprisingly insightful interviews from industry greats like Missoni, DVF, Lauren Hutton and John Galliano.

Aside from #4, we are all for indulging in each of the above- as questionable as they
may seem (You must be thinking, "A place called Boom Boom Room?? The Olsens' book?")

Just trust us, though.

Now, if you could excuse us- We'll be back in a New York minute.


  1. I really need to pick up Influence. I've adored Mary-Kate and Ashley for ages! :)

  2. Have you heard about this new Mac and Cheese place in Soho, next to Delicatessen? mmmm.....