Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Napster is really annoyed right now..

At the Apple event earlier today, Steve Jobs unveiled a new iPod Nano that would have video capabilities, as well as a faster iPod Touch.

But the most exciting news we learned was that iTunes 9.0, which is now available to all of us, allows "home sharing"- you will be able to see the MP3 libraries of other people on your network and copy their songs to your hard drive.

This is our advice- Go to the coolest and most crowded coffee shop you know about, plug your laptop in, let iTunes 9.0 pop up, and wait for the magic to happen, courtesy of all the other iTuners around you. You will probably end up with the latest Jay-Z single, some music from Anjulie, and maybe some new Bollywood hits too. And who knows, you may even be surprised by what you find- a hipster with some Miley Cyrus songs, the rap-artist look-alike with Taylor Swift, or a professor-type with every Santigold song out there. Don't discriminate- just grab all the jams you can.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, you've made my day with this post. Hopefully I tap into some very good libraries - I need some new music!

    And Fashion Week...I'm going to have to live it vicariously through you since I'm not there. :(