Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mi casa es....?

We have some good news for you speakeasy aficionados:

DBTH reports that the West Village has just acquired a new speakeasy, with a Mexican flair.

With Mexican themed cocktails, tapas and a new line of mixologists, Su Casa (404 6th Ave) is the brainchild of three NYC nightlife veterans. According to DBTH's little birdy, "the place will have a rustic old-world Mexican feel...think Upstairs, designed by Frida Kahlo." We imagine it may look like a combination of La Esquina downstairs and Upstairs, so this is very exciting. With two pretty good Yelp reviews under its belt, Su Casa may become our casa pretty soon. Word from the wise, though- Be sure to go soon before everyone finds out about it!

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